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Standard manuscript format is 12 pt. Courier or Courier New font with spacing "exactly 25pt" or double-spaced. Chapter headings and titles start on the seventh line down. Margins should be 1" and text aligned left, with the first line of paragraphs at .5" (to save your future formatter a headache, don't use the tab). Please put name/title/page# on the right header.

For scene breaks, use # instead of a blank line. 

Don't use Word's ellipsis symbol. An ellipsis should have a space between each period. Instead of using Word's em dash symbol, denote em dashes with -- (but with no space before or after). 

This is the traditional way to format manuscripts; however when submitting your work, always check the publication's, editor's, or agent's submission guidelines.

Please send your work in a Microsoft Word file or as an RTF.

*While Times New Roman is now considered acceptable as well, I prefer Courier, which maintains an average of 250 words per page, the industry standard.

If you are unable to meet the formatting requirements, please let me know, and I can help or we can try to find a workaround. 

September C. Fawkes Editing Typewriter
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