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Editing Services

I have edited manuscripts written for middle grade, young adult, and adult readers, and I specialize in fantasy and science fiction. I don't edit erotica or stories with excessive graphic scenes. I work with both novels and short fiction.

"A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people." Thomas Mann

If you are interested in my services, you can contact me at SeptemberCFawkes[at]gmail[dot]com. Tell me the genre, length, and what kind of edit you are looking for. I may ask to hear more about your vision for the manuscript and any goals you might have. I'll ask for an excerpt of your work in standard manuscript format as an RTF or Microsoft Word file. I'll then edit those pages to come up with an estimate, and you'll be able to see if my approach suits you.

Developmental Editing

In developmental editing (also called content editing), I analyze the larger parts of the story, and give feedback and guidance on aspects such as characters, plot, setting & worldbuilding, theme, and structure. I may also cover other elements, like subtext, context, audience experience and appeal, relationships, and narrative pacing. This edit focuses on what the story is.

This edit includes:

  • A thorough editorial/critique letter. This is written after I've finished reading the manuscript. It is as long as it needs to be for me to communicate my points. For novels, most of these run 8k - 11k words. For more on my approach to editorial letters and a sample, go here.

  • Chapter-by-chapter document. I also include a chapter-by-chapter document, where at the end of each chapter, I write 1 - 3 paragraphs about my experience reading it. For more about this and an example, go here.

  • Manuscript comments. While reading, I may leave comments in the actual document that speak to the content of that specific passage. In lighter edits or per request, I may skip this.

I am willing to work with you on your needs.

Line Editing

In line editing, I go through the manuscript line by line, evaluating the way the story is written and looking at such things as descriptions, dialogue, blocking, flow, line-by-line continuity, specificity, clarity in meaning, sentence structure, word choice, and how accurately the writer is communicating to the reader. I will consider how the writer can communicate more powerfully. I may also watch for grammatical issues and reoccurring punctuation problems. This edit focuses on how the story is told.

This edit includes:

  • An editorial/critique letter focused on how the story is told. This is shorter than my typical critique letters and focuses on general and reoccurring strengths and weaknesses related to line editing.  

  • Manuscript comments. While reading, I will leave comments in the document about how the story can be told better or more powerfully.

  • Track changes. I may shift, delete, or rewrite lines as suggestions or to illustrate a point. All of these are tracked and may be accepted or rejected. Depending on the writer and MS, I may do this often or seldom.

* I'm only taking on a limited amount of line editing at this time.

Manuscript Evaluation

In a manuscript evaluation, I will simply read through the manuscript and give overall, general feedback in an editorial letter. I will talk about how both the story and writing can be improved. This is quicker and more budget friendly than my content edit, but not as deep.

This edit includes:

  • An editorial/critique letter. This is written after I've finished reading the manuscript. It is as long as it needs to be for me to communicate my points.  For more on my approach to editorial letters and a sample, go here.

Consultation Calls

If I'm not too scheduled, I will sometimes do consultation calls. If you are having struggles with the craft and need to talk it out with someone, we can set up a time to do just that. I'll listen to your story troubles and provide my best real time feedback (and if necessary, a follow-up email with resources to help you).

With each manuscript I edit, I'm open to tweaking my specific approach to suit your needs.

I am willing to do partial edits.

If money is an issue, we can discuss alternative approaches that can cut on costs.

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