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My Philosophy

As an editor, it's my job to bring your manuscript to the next level, while keeping in mind that this is your story, not mine. Any suggestions I make are simply that, editorial suggestions. Ultimately, your story should fit your vision and be a reflection of you. I strongly believe in providing both positive and negative feedback because it is just as important to know what is working as it is to know what isn't. I help you fully harness your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses, providing not only advice on the manuscript itself, but ideas on how you, the writer, can take your writing to the next level.

I strongly believe in the power that comes from learning to write with intention and control. To me, this often means bringing things we notice from the subconscious experience of reading and writing into the conscious part of the mind, learning how they function, and gaining control over them so that you can give your readers an accurate story experience of what you intend. Some discovery writers may read that and say, "This is not for me," but even discovery writing benefits from being conscious of story elements. In fact, being more conscious means you may have more elements you can discover. I have spent years breaking down parts of stories that almost all readers and even many writers are blind to, but that enhance the story and make it superior. In short, I'll find new ways you can grow as a writer, which you'll be able to take into every future project.

With all that said, I work for you and will tweak my approach to suit what you are looking for, whether it's improving dialogue or refining theme.

September C. Fawkes Desk
"Hard writing makes easy reading. Easy writing makes hard reading." William Zinsser
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