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Lois Bartholomew


"Having September edit my manuscript was like taking an advanced writing class. I highly recommend her."

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Tamara L. Bordon

Author & Illustrator

"I have been working on this manuscript off and on for years and couldn't put my finger on what was wrong. She nailed all of it! After I read the edits, I thought 'Yes, that's what it needs!' Editing went so well after the feedback. I appreciated it so much. The manuscript is much richer, and I think it flows better. She did an excellent job!"

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Audrey Mihalik


"Your suggestions were amazing! I can't express how grateful I am! I know the work you've done will help me greatly. I am positive I have more growing to do, but your edits make a lot of sense, and I am making great progress. I did my best to absorb everything you told me. I attended a virtual writing conference, and was able to pitch to two publishers. They both asked for the entire book!"

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Ellen Sanders


"Your critique letter was wonderful. You certainly are great at what you do. Most of your recommendations absolutely ring true, and you were encouraging, too."

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