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Lois Bartholomew


"Having September edit my manuscript was like taking an advanced writing class. I highly recommend her."

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Tamara L. Bordon

Author & Illustrator

"I have been working on this manuscript off and on for years and couldn't put my finger on what was wrong. She nailed all of it! After I read the edits, I thought 'Yes, that's what it needs!' Editing went so well after the feedback. I appreciated it so much. The manuscript is much richer, and I think it flows better. She did an excellent job!"

Piles of Books

Audrey Mihalik


"Your suggestions were amazing! I can't express how grateful I am! I know the work you've done will help me greatly. I am positive I have more growing to do, but your edits make a lot of sense, and I am making great progress. I did my best to absorb everything you told me. I attended a virtual writing conference, and was able to pitch to two publishers. They both asked for the entire book!"

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Ellen Sanders


"Your critique letter was wonderful. You certainly are great at what you do. Most of your recommendations absolutely ring true, and you were encouraging, too."

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R. H. Deans

Author of Living Ink: Ascension

"September is top-notch and having her edit at least one of my books was on my bucket list. I’m grateful for her enlightening guidance and feedback on how to improve. She has been so wonderful to work with. She is worth the wait."

Green Typewriter

Amanda K Thompson


"September is amazing. Seriously, she is not only incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, but very insightful. I've been struggling with my steadfast/flat-arc protagonist for years, thinking I was doing something wrong with her, but September explaining why (and how!) she's an innately tricky character to write has everything making a lot more sense now! September answered questions I didn't even know how to ask! Her encouragement and insight are so helpful and motivating! She definitely understands where I'm at and what I'm trying to do."


Patti Albaugh


"Her content edit was superb! Thoughtful, thorough, and helpful. I have much to think about, but I’m excited to be pumping some new angles into the story! It was the best money spent on my novel’s journey."

Levitating Books

Phil Mahoney


"The editing work September did was amazing. It was more detailed and thorough than I could have hoped for. Besides the quality of the edits, it was also so great to feel like she was excited about my project. There was a sense of enthusiasm in the comments that helped boost my confidence in my writing. I really learned a lot, not only about the project she worked on, but about writing in general and I try to apply it to all of my projects."


A. Hueck


"After only a very quick read-through of the critique, I could tell it was already helpful. It has so much in it that I can work on. I could share all the great insights September provided, but then I’d just be rewriting the critique. I appreciate her thorough feedback, and I know the story is going to be stronger."

Personal Diary

Teague Summerlin


"I absolutely loved working with September. Trusting an editor with your story is a big commitment, but September’s insights and efforts, along with her ability to teach and relay story concepts, easily made doing so with her one of the best decisions I’ve made in my writing journey. She genuinely cares for her clients and their work, and it truly shows in how she works with her clients to deliver better stories. I want the book she edited for me to change my life. Working with her has given me the knowledge and skills to refine my story into something that I’m confident will. I shared my experience with September with my writing group, and they were so impressed many have decided to use her as well."

Open Book

Steven Deken


"Before I had even finished going through all of the feedback, I could already tell September’s work was money well spent."


R. Gene Curtis


"Let me just say "Wow!" In my time as a writer, I've read countless books, scoured many blogs, and attended classes and workshops, but having September work with my manuscript was a game changer. She helped me see where I'm applying story-writing principles successfully, but more importantly, she used my manuscript to highlight and help me understand the concrete elements I need to take my writing to the next level. I followed along with her comments and suggestions easily--it was great working with her."

Taking Notes

R. O. Mercer

Author of Kingdoms of Old

"September really put a lot of work into my edit and critique letter. I sincerely appreciate her time. I’m really grateful she took on the project. Also, I follow her website, and it is an excellent source of information."

Two Pens

L. A. Selby


"September C Fawkes provided incredibly insightful editing when I accidentally wrote a novel twice as long as I’d planned. She spotted areas of strength and weakness, areas for tighter pacing, and techniques for maximizing powerful themes hidden in the character arc. She not only commented on the narrative, she provided links to articles addressing strategy and rationale that strengthened my understanding as a writer. My strongest recommendation comes from this: she does not attempt to change an author’s voice. That means I would trust her with any manuscript knowing it will remain fresh, original, and interesting."

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Damon A. Daffron

2022 Bookfest Award-winning Author of Dragon Nest

"September’s feedback was great! There were numerous things I didn’t see in the way she explained it, and I can see how the story will be better with the changes she suggested. Her feedback is excellent."

Remote Office

Chance Anderson

Writer, Honorable Mention for Writers of the Future

"I haven’t had another editor think through a story as in depth as September. I love her close attention to detail. It really helps strengthen the story. I have thoroughly enjoyed and greatly benefitted from her advice, and I can already see my story becoming so much better because of it. I’m so grateful for her help on my project, and I greatly value her thoughts and recommendations. I’m super excited to take this story to the next level. I hope to have many more projects we will do together."

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