"Fawkes has worked as my assistant now for several years. I love working with her for a number of reasons: she's self-motivated, insightful, and is willing to tackle any job that I ask of her. More and more, I've had her editing work for me—looking over novels and writing assignments and offering critiques. Very often, the authors that we work with tell me, 'Thank Fawkes for all of her valuable suggestions. I was just simply blown away by her insights and her thoroughness.' And they're right. She is a fine editor. That's why I ask her to look over just about everything that I send out for publication."

New York Times best-selling, award-winning author; editor


"September C. Fawkes edited my first book in a paranormal romance series. She took the time to understand my unique voice in order to find ways to enhance it, find weaknesses and give examples of strengthening them, and bring the story to a release-ready state. The changes she made were so spot on that I knew she really cared about the story and wanted it to be the best it possibly could be. The book became a best-seller and has garnered a large newsletter/mailing list for my other books."

Amazon and Audible best-selling author of Awakening


"Her editing is precise and insightful. She gets to the heart of the story and makes suggestions to tighten and sharpen the prose until it isn't just alive, but thriving. Fawkes encourages you to be the best author you can be."

Grand Prize Winner of Writers of the Future, the largest short story competition in the world.


"I found her comments on my MS thoughtful, detailed, precise, and kind. She is a critiquer after my own heart. I thought she did a very good job. One of the things she mentioned caught my eye particularly—where I gave a description of the MC's emotional reaction expressed physically and she highlighted it as a potential POV break. . . . It was a comment that shows me that she is really paying attention, and has a fine understanding of POV."

Professional freelance editor and writer


"I am so thankful for the editing work that Fawkes did on my first novel, The Feather and the Moon Well. Not only did I receive great edits, but she also offered terrific suggestions to improve my story. Working with Fawkes also taught me ways to improve my writing that I will forever carry with me. I would eagerly recommend her for any writing venture."


"I loved the feedback you gave me. It was really thorough and encouraging, and that's a rare thing."

YA writer, represented by Paula Munier of Talcott Notch Literary Services


"I enjoyed her edits because they were accurate and succinct. Most importantly to a fragile ego like my own, they were tactful and expressed in a fun and witty voice. It made swallowing them not the chocking hazard of previous forays into voluntary and professional editing alike. Fawkes employs a high command of the literary skills necessary to tell a compelling story and the empathy to guide authors through the turbulent waters of their own creation. . . . She's the best I've ever had edit my work. Really."

Former Marine Corps grunt turned aerospace engineer for NASA's Kennedy Space Center and writer


"I was very pleased with the work that got done! I still read the critique letter from time to time when I need encouragement and inspiration."



"After serving initially as a fiction editor [on The Southern Quill], she became the publication’s managing editor and oversaw the production of the 2011 edition—arguably the best in the journal’s 50-year history."

Ph.D., Professor of English, Dixie State University


"As an instructor, and a professional creative writer myself, I immediately recognized talent . . . Fawkes shows a thoughtfulness concerning image and scene that is refreshing and beautiful."

Poet and creative nonfiction writer


"After five years of struggling with my first memoir, I knew I needed professional help. My writers' group suggested September C. Fawkes's blog. I read–learned, a lot–laughed at her wit, and re-tackled my MS armed with confidence and a superb writing coach in my corner. I remember thinking, She really gets it!"



"September C. Fawkes is a fantastic editor. I highly recommend her services."



"Finding September and getting her to work with me on my story was a critical step in my progression in writing! Not only because of her ability to revise, edit, and make suggestions, but what I really came to value is her willingness to teach along the process and share her expertise! So awesome. Her feedback, edits, and notes, complete with links to relevant posts, are a masterclass in writing! She was the right teacher, editor, and guide to help me improve every aspect of my work."



"Some of the positive feedback you gave me really blew me away, and your suggestions were wonderful. I agree with pretty much all of them. You obviously really thought through my story, and I appreciate it. I hope to hire you again."



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